A 4- Stage Program Helping Mothers Reconnect With Their Dreams and Purpose to Set Up a New Business, Career or Social Venture That Balances Family Whilst Creating an Identity to Stand Out on Their Own.

Dr Lucy Davey


Who Am I?

I have always been a high achiever with expectations to excel in all I did. I trained as a medical doctor, transitioned into the fascinating world of Psychiatry and was excited by opportunities in the business and entrepreneurial sector. My priorities changed several years ago in my early 30s when I wanted to have a family, particularly when my mother was given a cancer diagnosis. I took a sabbatical from my clinical career to project manage our family home whilst pregnant, assist my husband in his expansive renewable energy project and be a “hands on” mother to my children throughout their early years.

However, with time I began to feel a loss of identity and a craving for more. Motherhood had changed me and I didn’t really know who I was anymore. I felt I had sacrificed my career and with it my individuality. Whilst supporting those around me that I loved, I began to feel that my own needs somehow had been overlooked.

With considerable effort and self reflection, I realised I needed to be true to my values, set clear and realistic goals for what I wanted in my new life. That is when I discovered and trained in acceptance and commitment therapy, as well as visualisation and resilience. My professional background, trained to a very high standard in the art of communication skills, and of course being a mother myself optimized my skillset as a coach.

I now get to work with and help so many professional and executive women as well as women of affluence create a new business, career or not for profit venture of their own.

Dr Lucy Davey holds a Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery and a 1st class Degree with Hons in Biomedical Science. She is a Coach that is frequently featured in the media with celebrity clients.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Helping (affluent) mothers eager to get back a sense of individuality beyond motherhood want to make an identity for themselves and stand out by having something of their own.

By working with Dr. Lucy, they will reconnect with their dreams, purpose, align their lost and and forgotten talents with what they want to do, overcome mother’s guilt in order to set up a new business / career / social venture that balances family while bringing them the fulfilment and identity to stand out on their own.

Module One

Mum’s the Word


  • Offload excess self doubt and baggage whilst wanting to create an identity of your own outside motherhood.
  • Identify opponents and establish current hurdles.
  • Start putting “you” first when discussing the need for fulfilment outside motherhood and your career or business goals.


So many women find themselves stuck in the depths of motherhood and feel totally lost. With such full lives, many mothers yearn for their past identity, career, social life and headspace. We create a safe, non judgmental place where you don’t need to feel guilty for feeling you want or need more and get clarity on precisely what is standing in your way from getting unstuck.

Module Two

Who Says I Can’t?


  • Start with taking deliberate action.
  • Clear 20-40% of your week for strategic work without compromising quality or making enemies.
  • Gain more results than before by applying half the energy you used to.
  • Feel energetic rather than exhausted at the end of the day.


By providing the space and probing curiosity to explore the things that matter most when staying true to your values, we start the rediscovery process. We enable you to visualise endless possibilities and we start to put together a bespoke plan of action tailored to you by identifying the right steps to get it done.

Module Three

No Stopping Me Now


  • Understand what edge your business or new career has in an environment of competition, giving you a confident insight to plan your actions.
  • Identify where the north star is in your life and shape it to be the beacon that guides your actions
  • An easy to follow 5 key strategic plan, that moves the needle.


Most mothers work on autopilot. Time to turn off your engine, correct its course and recalibrate to ensure you reach your destination faster.

Conquer the self doubt, self sabotage and mother’s guilt that once pre-occupied your thoughts and ruled your behaviour.
Enjoy the view the journey has to offer by riding a smooth and well oiled engine.

Module Four

My Business, My Plan


  • Take ownership of your business
  • Develop a business plan for your new business, career or not for profit role
  • Learn the ability to talk about your unique selling point and showcase its key features with sophistication, confidence and ease
  • Visualise your success and your co-ordinating outfit to match
  • Learn how not to get distracted by detail
  • Defuse debilitating deceptions holding you back and eliminate fear of intimidation
    of the plan to hold your own amongst
  • Master the ability to communicate your decisions effectively and with impact


Congratulations are now in order! The previous modules have allowed you to lay the groundwork so you can take control and ownership of your new business / career / not for profit role. You can play by your own rules and no longer feel powerless, creating an identity to stand out on your own and be proud of.

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